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Currently in the world of Square dance the levels are broken in to four types



Advanced (A1;A2)

Challenge (C1;C2;C3A)

Here at the Kiltkickers we dance mainstream and plus, although occasionally at special dances we may have a single A1 call.

Mainstream consists of 68 separate calls which you can learn on our Monday night teaching session.  This is what you learn when you first start to do square dance.  Don't be put off!  68 calls sounds a lot, but some calls are self evident.  Even if you've never danced before you'll know how to circle right or swing a partner.  You must learn all 68 calls to graduate to a square dancer.  And once you've mastered those, you can try out plus...

Plus consists of only 30 calls, these are longer calls made up of two or more mainstream moves.  There is a class on a Thursday to learn plus.

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