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We are very lucky to be overflowing with callers here at Aberdeen Kilt Kickers.  We have three, Derek, Patrick and Terry.  

Click on their pictures to see their callerlab profile.


This braw Scotsman has the unenviable task of bringing through the new comers on a Monday night.  His special combination of clear explanation, humour and limitless patience guides the beginner to the end.

At special dances, he can be seen in his kilt amongst the dancers infecting everyone with his enthusiasm.  Although he does have a thing for dodgy shirts.


Patrick's ready laugh and sly sense of humour belies his analytical mind.  His calls will stretch you skills.  If he's calling, be prepared to follow calls from very odd positions.

And if you find him in your square during the Halloween dance, expect the unexpected!




Terry helps out with  calling when Derek and Patrick are unavailable. He also runs the Friday DJ  sessions  on first Friday of each month.


Over the 10 years of our club, we've been visited by many guest callers.  We've compiled a list of as many as we can remember and we're grateful to one and all.  Guest callers of join us for special dances and we always have a lot of fun.



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